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This is a pants made using moleskin as base material and dyed in Sumizome.
This pants isn’t simply wide but it has a beautiful and natural-looking silhouette from waist down to hem. 
Like the jacket, the blend of puckering and Sumizome gives the unique look.

Sumizome is a natural dyeing technique using soot as material. Soot is a mass of impure carbon particles resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. At KUON, we use smoke from burning pine. This dyeing technique requires quite a lot of time and effort, but it enables to express a unique, beautiful look. Also Sumizome has antibacterial function like Aizome. 

*As Sumizome is a natural dye, please understand that the color may easily transfer at first. 

*Every single item is dyed by hand so please understand that each item will be slightly different from each other.

S_ Waist:81.0cm  Hip:120.2cm Hem-width:26.3cm Length:95.0cmM_ Waist:85.0cm  Hip:124.2cm Hem-width:27.0cm Length:98.0cm
L_ Waist:89.0cm  Hip:128.2cm Hem-width:27.7cm Length:101.0cm
XL_Waist:93.0cm  Hip:132.2cm Hem-width:28.4cm Length:104.0cm

Models wearing size L(Model Height 182cm)

Cotton 100%

Made in Japan

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