KUON signature series

Our signature series has finally arrived in the online store. Featuring items such as jackets, blouson and patchwork shirts that have been carefully stitched together by expert tailors from 100-year-old BORO that has antique and aesthetic value. At KUON, our keen-eyed specialists only use genuine BORO that has been carefully selected from all over Japan. The BORO style created from denim and artificially created patchwork styles are fundamentally different. If you tried to make the same thing starting now, you would have to wait at least 100 years! The antique scrap material is washed many times over to remove dirt and stains, holes are repaired, then it is cut by hand and transformed into a new garment by a talented tailor. More than a mere remake, everything is reconstructed from the pattern up, resulting in garments that feel great to wear. For that reason, they carry a hefty price tag, but the clothes' value more than makes up for that. Though these clothes are not something that anyone can buy, wouldn't you agree that in this age of impulse buying and consumerism, something that has lasted 100 years is the ultimate luxury? Why not take this opportunity to invest in one of our essential garments, that can only be made in limited numbers each year, and could be described as works of art.