KUON's first wallet will be available at 0am on Dec. 5th

KUON Fund-raising Project

KUON is a  fashion brand which has started in 2016, committed to sustainable manufacturing while putting them into contemporary designs. 
On 24th March, we will be holding our very first fashion show at Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO. 
And there are people we would love to invite to the show: people all over Japan including Tohoku area, who support our manufacturing. 
In order to invite them, we would like to do a fund-raising. 
We first met them in 2011. And we started working with them because we wanted to support their self-reliant lives after having experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, we no longer consider it as « support ». They are now more like equal partners to us, and their work is so essential to KUON’s creativity. 
Now that we have grown as a brand, we are  working with artisan not only from Tohoku area, but from all over Japan. 
This time we are given an opportunity to do our first fashion show, a great opportunity to let more people know the world view of KUON. However, this KUON’s world view never be fully expressed without the existence of our partners. That’s why we would like to invite them and « complete » the show. 
We hope many of you would participate in this fund-raising project. Thank you for your cooperation! 
Please check the special site!