Yoshio Suyama [Owner of BARBER SHOP YS]

須山 誉志雄[BARBER SHOP YS オーナー]
Jacket: SASHIKO Patchwork Blazer (KUON)

須山 誉志雄[BARBER SHOP YS オーナー]
Q: Where are you from?
Oshino, Yamanashi

Q: What do you do?

Q: What does fashion mean to you?
It is a center of my life. I don't think I'm a fashion guy but whatever I do, wherever I go, I always think about clothing. 

須山 誉志雄[BARBER SHOP YS オーナー]
Q: What is your important routine?
Decide what to wear the next day before going to bed.

Q: What is your favorite things to do on your days off?
Dig records in Jimbocho, go to a coffee shop, watch favorite old movies in a movie theater.

Q: Have you started something new during the pandemic?
I opened my own barber shop.

Q: What are your three necessities?
須山 誉志雄[BARBER SHOP YS オーナー]
1. Gold necklace, memento from my grand father.

須山 誉志雄[BARBER SHOP YS オーナー]
2. Vintage ring from 1930s
Art Deco design and "S" is good

須山 誉志雄[BARBER SHOP YS オーナー]
3. Antique stick pin from the Victorian era.
It was a gift from my grand master when I lived in London.

Q: What do you keep in mind when you work?
To have a balance between having your own thoughts and respecting the thoughts of others. And try never forget my initial enthusiasm and don't be complacent about the current situation.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about KUON items you wear?
It is easy for me to incorporate into my daily style, and the feeling of wearing history/time is very luxurious.

Q: Anything you would like to share with us?
Please try YS's original hairdressings!

須山 誉志雄[BARBER SHOP オーナー]

Yoshio Suyama / 須山 誉志雄

Instagram: @yoshimitsu1125@ys_by_yoshiosuyama